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The Billionaire's' Captive Mistress- Jessica Simmons

When Michelle Ortiz was evicted from Dorian's life with no more than a pair of earrings and a shattered heart to show for it, she never expected she'd be looking into his face again. Yet here she was, begging for help. She only hoped she could keep one major secret from him... Dorian Johnston was in constant control of his life. So when he ended his relationship with Michelle, he never thought in a million years he'd see her again. But she was crawling back to him, needing his help...

Just One Unbeatable Family- Maureen Simmons

He only wanted a snack or two that would most likely run him about twenty cents, but the only thing was, he didn’t have a quarter in change. He would have to trust Maggie with a whole dollar, so she would not only get that usual cautionary speech, but a tad extra. She braced herself as he went on with his spiel: “Alright, gal, now you know you better bring all my change back. Don’t play on the railroad tracks. Do you know how hard I work to make this money? It’s a jungle out there.....

My Last Hit- Divine Ortiz

His drug addiction began in Fayetteville, NC in the early 1990s. For 15 years he battled his addiction, landing him homeless on the streets and in and out of several different penitentiary systems. But he eventually overcame his demons and June 18th, 2018 marked the 11-year clean date for the author and publisher. My Last Hit will be Divine Ortiz’s tenth solo book release...

Urban Love Story- Divine Ortiz

Who says that there is no love on the streets? Dionte is from the streets of NY. Born and raised. And even though he moves down south with his family, the streets are in him and they are always calling him...No matter what city he may live in. Maleeka is from North Carolina. Born and raised in the church, by a set of highly religious parents, and the furthest thing from street savy as you can get. When Dionte meets Maleeka, she was 16, he was 18, and he would become her first boyfriend, her...

Treacherous Times- Divine Ortiz

Family is sometimes stronger than blood...... Omar Grace lives for one kill the man responsible for the deaths of his parents and uncle. But to do so, he must first become one with the lifestyle that claimed the lives of so many that he loves. Twan is Omar's best friend and he will do anything to prove his loyalty. India and Asia are in love with Omar and Twan. They are definitely ready to ride or die for their men....even kill for them. Omar must return to Newark, NJ to...

Killa Karma- Divine Ortiz

When they murdered his family, they forgot about him. Home after an almost 7 year bid, Meechi has one thing on his mind and one thing only.....REVENGE. Home after a 6 year bid, JT is ready to take the crown that his brother is about to pass on to him. But when it comes to the streets, you can't take the throne without first proving that you can hold it down. The street code demands that what goes around always finds its way back around, and Karma has an amazing way of knowing just who to see.

Lived Well, Laughed Often, Loved Much

This is a captivating story about life in the rural south on a farm as sharecroppers who understood the value of education and hard work. This journey from sharecropper's son to Army officer is rich with historical truths about barriers, injustices, triumphs and victories. A story of how odds can be beaten if the towel is never thrown in.

Take Me- A.L Elliot

Being a lesbian is hard...Being a lesbian stud is even harder. But, to be a lesbian stud who dates other studs? Now that is a bridge over lava. Find out what happens when a stud who despises the thought of studs dating each other loses her memory in a horrible accident. Will she even remember the fact that she doesn't like studs? Or will she be taken advantage of by a girl who originally meant to be her friend.

Mischievous- Michael Green

With only a few years left in prison MYKAEL is in search of a soul mate. This quest leads him to the world of corresponding with pen pals. It's all new to Mykael and he ends up in a three-way love affair with two cousins and a mentally unstable, severely scorned woman. When Mykael's daughter falls gravely ill it leaves Mykael blaming himself for not being there to take care of her. Worrying about her leads Mykael in the direction of looking for support from his pen pals. Things are heating up...

Scarred Eyes by Michael Green

Scarred eyes is Michael L Green's sophomore novel and just like he brought it in his debut novel, Mischievous, Scarred Eyes leaves none unsatisfied

Chatrooms & Chatlines- Divine Ortiz

"You have a message from...BEEEEEP" Do you remember when the internet chatrooms were the place to be? The virtual world of internet dating chatrooms was where many went to get their freak on. Some chose the more direct route that was offered in the many by-the-minute phone chatlines that were advertised on BET after midnight, or on the back pages of the XXL magazine. If you can remember those days, then you can surely relate to this story. •Divine is new to Atlanta...

Creative Sex- Sanquinetta Cooper

This sensuous and visually tantalizing collection of erotic prose bears witness to the fact that this young woman's mind is exotically mature to a degree that only some can only dream to achieve. Sanquinetta's poems speak to the very essence of her sensuality that only the worthy can share and Erotique Publications has brought them to you like no other publishing company can. This is her debut collection...

Sexxxy Sunday- Divine Ortiz_edited

You will never look at your Sundays the same again! Dionte and Jade have a pretty amazing life. Their sexually uninhibited nature is only surpassed by their absolute love and lust for one another. Dionte's savy business mind has ensured their financial bliss as well, which leaves them with plenty of time to play....with each other. Sundays are usually days to relax, and this particular Sunday is no different. Dionte and Jade take a ride to the beach for a romantic day out....

Lady Scarface- Divine Ortiz

When eight year old Tiana Brantz witnessed the cold blooded murder of her loving parents, she became Lady Scarface...though at the time she didn’t know it. The same bullets that sent her parents to their graves also left a scar across her young face and in her broken heart. Tiana was designated as a ward of the state. With the help of her brother Shabazz, she manages to survive 10 years in the Baychester Diagnostic group home for adolescents, Tiana finds herself in a...

Lady Scarface 2- Divine Ortiz

The streets of Atlanta had no idea what hit ‘em...until it was too late. Tiana brings her crew to Atlanta and the streets of ATL will never be the same again. By the time the streets realize what has happened, it’s too late. The New Yorkers encounter some resistance along the way, but it's nothing that they can't handle. They do what they normally do when it comes to obstacles...remove them. Lady Scarface thought everything was going great...and then, Tiana is arrested...for murder.

Lady Scarface 3- Divine Ortiz

Someone has declared war on Lady Scarface!One by one, Tiana's crew is systematically being targeted and eliminated. The only problem is that they have absolutely no idea who this war is with. Tiana and her crew are definitely no stranger to war, but how do you fight a war against someone when you don't know who you’re at war with?Tiana's problems don't stop or start there though. She is being investigated by the Georgia Bar Association's Ethics Committee......

Lady Scarface 4- Divine Ortiz

After the demise of Lady Scarface, the last remaining members of her crew led by Smurf and Young God, pack up all the dope and money that they could salvage and head to Charlotte, NC. It doesn't take long for them to find trouble when a young, hungry stick up crew from Fayetteville, NC sets their eye on Smurf and think they see an easy come up. Little do they know, Smurf and his crew are no stranger to war...nor are they losers to it.

Jajeim and the Magical Train of Thought-

Follow Jaheim and his magical friends as they decide that enough is enough and choose to put the school bully and his cohorts in their place once and for all, and the Anti-Bullying campaign is born!

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